Tim Raglin: Author and Illustrator of Popular Children’s Books

Award-Winning Children’s Books Illustrator and Author

a comical image of Tim Raglin in fancy dress mowing his lawn and running over a red headed child while giving a thumbs up to the camera

Tim Raglin was born and raised in Independence, Kansas, where he lives today. Starting at age eight, he received private art instruction and quickly developed a fascination for illustrative art that continues to this day. He earned a degree from Washington University’s
School of Fine Arts in St. Louis and immediately launched into the world of freelance illustration, first in St. Louis, and then for many years in New York, working for major magazines and advertising agencies.

Tim Raglin’s illustrious career in children’s illustration began with his beloved picture books, most notably Deputy Dan (Random House) and The Five Funny Frights series (Scholastic), which have collectively sold over two million copies. He also created a series of enduring greeting cards for Sunrise Publications, which remain in print for over 20 years.

In the 1980s, Tim collaborated with Rabbit Ears Productions, a children’s video company, illustrating several of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, including the Grammy Award-winning The Elephant’s Child, narrated by Jack Nicholson. He achieved a personal milestone by illustrating and directing his own version of Pecos Bill for Rabbit Ears, narrated by Robin Williams, which won a Grammy Award for Best Children’s Recording and a Parent’s Choice Classic Award. As Creative Director for Rabbit Ears until 1991, Tim directed several award-winning videos, wrote scripts, and collaborated with top illustrators.

Since then, Tim has illustrated numerous children’s picture books, including:

  • The Thirteen Days of Halloween (Scholastic)
  • The Wolf Who Cried Boy (Putnam)
  • Twelfth Night (Dial)
  • Go Track a Yak! (Simon and Schuster)
  • Bill In a China Shop (Bloomsbury)
  • Cowboy Jose (Putnam)
  • Dinner in the Lion’s Den (Putnam)
  • The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing (Lion Hudson)

He also created a series for the Disney Cruise Line (A Nautical Alphabet).

Tim has recently focused on publishing his own picture-books, including:

  • Uncle Mugsy and the Terrible Twins of Christmas
  • Yankee Doodle Mugsy
  • The Birthday ABC (selected as an American Library Association “Pick of the List”)

These titles were written in comic verse by best-selling author Eric Metaxas. Currently, Tim is working on several new picture books under his own imprint, with The Curse of Catunkhamun being the first of these, and its sequel, Footsteps in Katmandudu.

Tim’s work has earned numerous accolades, including:

  • Silver Medal from the New York Society of Illustrators for his Uncle Mugsy illustrations
  • Appearances in The Original Art Show: The Best in Children’s Books for Uncle Mugsy, The Birthday ABC, Bill In a China Shop, Yankee Doodle Mugsy, and The Curse of Catunkhamun
  • Reader’s Choice Award for The Wolf Who Cried Boy
  • Parent’s Choice Awards for Twelfth Night and Bill In a China Shop
  • The Curse of Catunkhamun was recognized as a “Notable Kansas Book” by the State Library

Tim Raglin continues to enchant audiences with his captivating illustrations and stories, leaving an indelible mark on the world of children’s literature.

School and Library Visits


Tim’s multimedia presentation delves into the process of illustrating a picture book and includes live demonstrations of cartoon drawing. The program is adaptable for any age group, from first grade to adult audiences, and can also include workshops with authors and artists of all ages.

Mr. Raglin may be contacted for school and library visits at tr@timraglin.com or by calling