The Curse of Catunkhamun

$ 22.00

The Curse of Catunkhamun (pronounced “CAT-un-common”) features intrepid dog detectives Scott and West who battle for the safety of the canine world against the mad schemes of dastardly feline genius, Dr. Mew Man-Chew and the beautiful Princess Mee-Ow. The story begins with the theft of a giant dog bone made of pure gold — and takes our heroes halfway around the world to an ancient Egyptian temple — where they try to stop Man-Chew’s diabolical plot to enslave the entirety of Dog-dom as his –GASP!– personal pets! The Curse of Catunkhamun will introduce to its picturebook audience the fun and thrills of the detective adventure-mystery genre, and is a perfect gateway to the chapterbooks of the advanced reader. The beautifull oversized edition has as an added highlight an original puzzle board (based on our tale) featured on the endpapers of the book.

Hardcover, 11 X 15, 48 pages